Aloa 28

The Aloa 28 is the long-awaited successor to the Aloa 27. A clever concept and extreme seaworthiness compressed into a lower-priced 28-footer.

The Aloa 28 is more than an update of the Aloa 27: The bow has been redesigned and is now slimmer and straighter. This ensures cutting through the waves and reduces pounding the increased buoyancy in the front. The mast was higher and fractional rig. This improves the trim options and allowed to assemble.

Gooseneck higher More headroom in the cockpit so even when tacking. The sail control of Aloa 28 is entirely from the cockpit. Reven is simple with the eenlijnsreefsysteem.The new Yanmar engines are characterized by high power with minimum noise. The sail drive makes it easier to maneuver than the older Aloa’s.

This ship electrical system has been completely revised. Thus, there is now a bigger panel with GPS, and VHF radio and built.

  • Greek
  • GPS
  • VHF Radio
  • Built
  • Electrical System
Mast Higher
Fractional Rig

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